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MEDIA: Marset Pleat Box in WALLPAPER Magazine

Attention to details is no where more necessary than in the world of design, where the novelty and the intricacy of the smallest details set one product and one company apart from the rest. Marset is a company that has embraced detail in every aspect of their business and this has earned them accolades in such design publications as Apartmento Magazine, and last month in Wallpaper Magazine.

Their piece in Wallpaper  profiles Xavier Mañosa, who’s ceramic Pleat Box pendants for Marset we’ve written out here before. It’s exactly this type of collaboration with such young, craft-centric artisans and designers that differentiates Marset’s collection, and indeed what makes it so notable.

Read the article and check out their full line up of new products below….

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INSPIRATION: Metalarte Copacabanas at Nandos Restaurant in Spain

Metalarte Copacabana in Nandos Restaurant in Badajoz, Spain

Metalarte‘s Copacabana bronze pendants and floor lamps, designed by Jaime Hayón, illuminate this beautiful Spanish restaurant in the city of Badajoz. The informal swag of the Copacabana cords add a touch of informality and playful imperfection to the otherwise clean and uncluttered interior.

More photos below:

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NEWS: Stockholm Furniture Fair / Northern Light Fair 2012

7 – 11 FEBRUARY 2012

“The design event of the year for Scandinavian furniture and lighting design”

“On 7-11 February it will be time for the 61st Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, the world’s largest and most important meeting place for Scandinavian furniture and lighting design. Some 740 exhibitors from 31 countries will gather at Stockholmsmässan to display the latest products within furniture, lighting and textiles for both the home and public environments.”

NEWS: Castor Debuts DEADSTOCK Collection

Castor’s Deadstock Record given out to guests, photo courtesy of Mocoloc0


Designing lights, throwing parties AND running a successful restaurant and bar – what don’t these guys do with style?

Brian Richer and Kei Ng, founders and designers of Castor Design Studio based in Toronto launched their newest collection of lighting entitled Deadstock during the weekend of IDS at their restaurant Parts & Labour. They showcased their newest pieces alongside some of Toronto’s talented local bands for a good night of drinking and moshing in the basement of Parts & Labour.


Photo by Ivy Lovell (Check out her amazing shots of the bands and the party here.)


Expanding their exploration of reclaimed industrial parts, each piece in Deadstock uses “discarded forgotten materials to form considered, elegant products with a purpose”. Behold, photos of Castor’s new


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This newest modular ceiling fixture from Vibia is definitely one of the most stand out fixtures of 2012. Envisioning lighting that is both light source and art installation is becoming a common theme in Vibia’s new product line. Designed by Ramone Esteve, this voluminous fixture consists of four modules in different sizes and heights that connect to one another to offer a wide range of geometries.

Brilliantly enough, the R&D team at Vibia have kept in mind the difficulties of managing multiple power sources and junction boxes and have engineered the Link to require only one electrical connection to power up to 8 Link sections per configuration. On top of that, they’ve made it compatible with dimmable, energy efficient fluorescent lamping, which makes its use in residential environments all the more appealing.

The Link also creatively plays with the trajectories of light that emit from each piece, depending on your configuration, allowing you to create indirect ambient lighting.

The idea of having such an architectural piece be so totally customizable actively involves us in designing the piece for ourselves, which makes this piece all the more interesting.

Click below for more photos on the charcoal grey or matte lacquer white modular Link system.

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EVENTS: Flos Toronto Showroom Opening Party at LightForm

Flos / LightForm Party: Peroni Bar Photographed by Simone Olivero for Toronto Life


We want to say a big thank you to all of those who came out to help us celebrate the opening of the Flos Toronto Showroom. The party was a huge success and so many of our friends and colleagues showed up to say hello and to be the first to see the beautiful flagship showroom and the inspiring Flos pieces within it.  Toronto Life‘s Simone Olivero did some great coverage and took some fantastic photos of the many talented people who attended our party, so many of whom make up the backbone of the design community in Toronto and abroad.

Check out his full story and more great party photos here.


Our talented photographer for the night, Hanson Ng, took about 800 photos from the event on Friday night, and passed on a few to us early, at our insistence, so we could share some of the photos of the inspiring lighting,  early.

Click below for the photo preview …

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NEWS: Flos Opens First Canadian Showroom at LightForm


We’re only one day away from the Flos Toronto Showroom Opening and we couldn’t be more excited.  LightForm has been working hard to open Flos’ first Canadian Flagship showroom, in which we will house one of the most important and substantial collections in the world of lighting. Flos’ legacy is that of half a century of innovation and they haven’t stopped. Flos Toronto, like its sister stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco, creatively integrates the Flos’ decorative, architectural and ‘soft architecture’ lines. Designed by Fabio Calvi, art  director for all of Flos’ exhibitions, events and showrooms, the Toronto showroom at LightForm is a beautiful and defining space that is true to the Flos brand.

Our installation of Ron Gilad’s Wallpiercings (figured above), have already become an almost instant Flos classic, representing and embodying all that is the Flos design ethos: innovation in its most elegant form. Like most of what Flos produces, Ron Gilad’s Wallpiercings stands apart from anything else available in lighting today, representing both a technological and artistic avant-garde.

We’ve had such an amazing response and so much excitement from everyone in the design community and we look forward to seeing you all at IDS this week and to all of you who RSVP’d to our event, we’ll see you tomorrow night!

Design Lines features LightForm for Spring 2012

Photo by Naomi Finlay for Design Lines Magazine, Spring 2012 issue.


A month ago, we allowed Design Lines Magazine an exclusive preview at our new space for the Spring 2012 issue (now available on newsstands). Our recent feature (found here) includes photos by Naomi Finlay and words by David Dick-Agnew who captured our nascent showroom, illuminated by Nemo Crown chandeliers, Metalarte Copacabana floor lamps, Metalarte Bastone floor lamps, and Metalarte Josephine table lamps, to name a few. The 4000 square foot industrial space lends a spectacular romanticism to our curated selection of modern masterpieces.

More importantly, our new Toronto flagship will be the home of a complete and integrated service in lighting design. Our staff –  industrial and interior design graduates and aficionados – are fully prepared to consult in store and on site on not only residential but also architectural, institutional, commercial and hospitality lighting design.

Here are the rest of the photos from the shoot below….

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THE BEGINNINGS: The New LightForm Toronto Showroom

Background Photograph by Naomi Finlay, courtesy of Design Lines Magazine

We’ve been keeping it a bit of a secret, but we’re almost ready to let you in to our new space.

As some of you may know, our Toronto showroom and warehouse has recently moved into the heart of the city and this old, industrial warehouse space is being remodeled and reconstructed into our most ambitious showroom yet.  An open concept, 4000 square foot space combines and integrates our distribution and warehousing apparti alongside our expansive new showroom, housing a unique and curated collection of the most influential brands in lighting.

We’ll keep you posted on the many special events to come, everyday this week, on our blog and on twitter.

In our next post we’ll be previewing some photos, taken by Naomi Finlay for Design Lines, who featured us in their Spring 2012 issue, but for now, here are some snaps we took of the space before our revamp…..

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BEST OF: Task Lamps

“There’s nothing more quintessential to the modern home than a task lamp. A good task lamp embodies all the best aspects of great design—functionality, simplicity, durability, and timelessness.”

A few months ago we wrote that in our newsletter. It was the intro to our feature on the Leo MK2 by Nemo designed by Jehs & Laub (featured above). From our homes, to our offices, to our dens and to our studios, we all need a task lamp somewhere, and because of their necessity and their ubiquity, its all the more important to choose one that sets itself apart.

There are many task lamps out there, and they take a lot of different forms. Here are some of our favourites below….

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