New Collection at LightForm: Roll & Hill


Roll & Hill's distinctly American Antler chandelier

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently partnered with New York-based Roll & Hill, a lighting manufacturer that brings a uniquely American perspective to the international contemporary lighting market. This new partnership means that Canadians can now enjoy local access to Roll & Hill’s award-winning and distinctly North American designs.

Roll & Hill's Agnes chandelier

Roll & Hill was launched in January 2010 by Jason Miller and managing partner Andrew Yang. Miller enjoyed instant success in 2003 both critically and commercially for his Superordinate Antler Lamps collection, one that was praised for its elegance, versatility, and wit. Now with a portfolio that includes already iconic pieces by designers Lindsey Adams Adelman, Paul Loebach, Rich Brilliant Willing (Canadian), Jonah Takagi, and Peter Buchanan-Smith, Roll & Hill is poised to bring the unique and comforting charm of American design to people who might otherwise have looked across the Atlantic.

Roll & Hill's Modo chandelier, available in multiple combinations

LightForm is excited to introduce Canadians to Roll & Hill: “Our clients, primarily contractors in the architect and interior design industries, have always had to look overseas when they wanted contemporary, high-quality, and truly unique pieces” admits LightForm founder, Richard Assaly. “Roll & Hill is ideal for those who value a modern aesthetic, yet are also looking for something that resonates deeply with the experience of living in North America.”

Roll & Hill's Excel desk lamp

With LightForm as Roll & Hill’s partner north of the border, Canadians will now be able to look closer to home for designs that cater to a North American taste. “Jason Miller has given us something to be proud of; not only are the pieces made with incredible craftsmanship, but the designs are something that we can really embrace and call our own” shares Assaly.

Roll & Hill's Bluff City Light

“As a young company,” says Miller, “it’s an honor to be working with Lightform. Roll & Hill has one goal, to make products that Canadians and Americans want in their homes. We look forward to collaborating with a retailer who has spent years bringing the best lighting products this very market.”

LightForm helps Roll & Hill bring North American design to international stage

To see the Roll & Hill collection or catalogues in person, visit a LightForm showroom in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, or Toronto.


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