Castor is French for Beaver

Castore's Tank lights in LightForm's Vancouver showroom

Brian Richer and Kei Ng, the Canadian design duo otherwise known as Castor Design, were in Vancouver last Thursday to launch their lighting collection with LightForm. The event, held in the LightForm Vancouver showroom, treated an invite-only audience of architects and interior designers to a private viewing of the lighting collection and some face time with the shy designers.

Kei Ng and Brian Richer, and LightForm's Caine (center), install the Recycled Tube light in LightForm's Vancouver showroom

Speaking about the motivation behind their designs: “We basically asked ourselves, ‘what is there a lot of?’ and then proceeded to design using the materials that were already out there in abundance.”

The resulting fixtures, made from recycled fluorescent and halogen lights, fire extinguishers, and guitar foot pedals, not only make strong and playful statements, but also meet LED Platinum standards. Castor works out of Toronto, which means that lead time is quite fast and custom peices are an option.

A close up of the Invisible Chandelier

LightForm founder Richard Assaly empowered the designers and architects present at the event to use their influence in support of Canadian designers like Castor. Based on the feedback from those in attendance, we’ll be seeing a lot more beaver in the near future.

LightForm staff chill after a long day under the Recycled Tube Light

The Vancouver staff did a great job transforming the showroom into a raw warehouse style setting, with shipping crates being used as a bar table for the event and ceiling-to-floor drapes closing off the front area for a dramatic effect.

This is not a F***kng Droog Light light

Our favorite quote of the event: “It’s mood lighting for roadies” —Brian, describing the “This Is Not A F***ing Droog Light” Light (pictured above).

Stay tuned for the next “Made in North America” launch, coming to a LightForm showroom near you!



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