Vibia at Euroluce 2011: Infinite Possibilities

Vibia made a strong impression with its new collections

Vibia stole the show at Euroluce 2011 with a full house of beautiful new designs. They’re also launching a new software application that allows interior designers to create their own customized light fixtures.

Vibia's Ameba looks great in a boardroom setting

Vibia's Puck can be customized in any combination

PUCK, like many of Vibia’s new fixtures, is modular, so it can be combined in multiple combinations for a fixture that’s truly unique.

To help designers create their own fixture, Vibia has created the Crea project, online software that interior designers can use to personalize the design for each space. Due to launch in December.

Match: delicate & stunning

MATCH, designed by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal,  made of aluminum and comes in white lacquer or graphite grey matt.

Rhythm comes in multiple customizable combinations

Designed by Arik Levy, RHYTHM is a hanging lamp capable of adopting infinite horizontal and vertical configurations. A design that is at once both rational and disruptive. This lamp is composed of different modules of stickers. Each sticker can rotate on an axis and be positioned at the desired angle, adopting a wealth of combinations and looks: from soft waves to chaotic shapes.

Halo designed by Martin Azua for Vibia

HALO floats in the air composing harmonious and relaxing shapes. HALO adds light in a subtle, magical fashion; it is a light element that blends naturally into the environment.

Plus, designed by X. Claramunt & Mas

Link: architecture on the ceiling

LINK consists of four modules in different sizes and heights, which connect to one another, to offer a wide range of geometries perfectly fitting into the architecture of the ceiling. They only require one electrical connection and their light source is dimmable and efficient.

Vibia's Brisa outdoor lamps

Vibia's general manager, Pere Ilonch, walked us through the new collection

To celebrate the launch of the Crea project, LightForm will be hosting “Come & Play” sessions in our showrooms across the country. It’ll be a great opportunity to come in and be one of the first to learn how this incredible new design software works! Stay tuned for more details…

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