FontanaArte at Euroluce 2011

FontanaArte's Yumi, designed by Shigeru Ban

Longtime LightForm favourite, FontanaArte showed a promising lineup of new fixtures at Euroluce this year. This Italian company has been creating some of the most iconic and recognizable pieces since its inception in 1933. We think many of their new lights, like the Yumi above, will also join the FontanaArte masterpiece mantle. What do you think?

FontanaArte's Wig, designed by Chris Hardy

Hardy on his design for the Wig: “I was inspired by the of [sic] society–a unique, organic social structure formed through the relationships that connect an individual to a greater community. This idea of a single mass constructed of smaller individual elements I found to be an interesting concept to visualize through form.”

Serpentine, designed by Gabi Peretto

Serpentine is the latest creation by Gabi Peretto for FontanaArte. A hanging lamp with a flexible, sinuous shape, it’s fitted with 270 LEDs along its lower surface to produce an extraordinary downward luminous flux.

The use of LEDs allows lighting fixtures to be made in versatile shapes, without the constraints of conventional light sources.

FontanaArte's Carmen, designed by Hector Serrano

Hector Serrano's sketches for the Carmen

The Carmen: a light inspired by old armours. A perfect combination of decorative and direct light that gives character to any space.  A very feminine form that comes alive when the light escapes in a gentle way out through the different layers, creating an interesting play of light and shadow. The layers, cut on thin steel sheet and lacquer on white, give a delicate feel and at the same time reflects the light perfectly while low energy lights bulbs ensure great intensity of light with minimum energy consumption.

We’re looking forward to checking out FontanaArte at ICFF in May: their Soho showroom will be a special setting inspired by the aquatic world!

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