A Chapter from the History of Canadian Lighting (Design)

Imagine our delight when, upon opening the doors to what will soon be our new warehouse and showroom space in Toronto, we were greeted with over 20,000 sq. ft. of lighting fixtures left over from the heydays of Canadian manufacturer Engelite Lighting.

It goes without saying that these fixtures represent an aesthetic slightly different from our own, yet, we couldn’t help but feel some sympathy for these abandoned tokens of a bygone era of Canadian lighting (design). Doesn’t every light, regardless of shape and size, deserve to be  admired and appreciated for at least a little while?

And so, this is our small tribute to the luminaires left in this dusty old warehouse; luminaires which never quite had the opportunity to lovingly provide someone with light, but that nonetheless shine with potential, even now.

Engelite Luminaires, this is your time in the spotlight.


Can Canadian manufacturers compete with companies who pay their employees less to bring products to the market cheaply?

One response to “A Chapter from the History of Canadian Lighting (Design)

  1. I agonize over the loss of our ability to purchase a well made lighting product…I think we are destined to live with a hanging bulb in our bathroom until Canada wakes up and we can put some of our own people back to work…We have purchased our last piece of junk from a certain country and I am so sorry for all those who lost their jobs just to watch others less capable churning out garbage…I also feel sad as I look at the signs that show the years of life in that company, hopefully it all worked out well for everyone….

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