Job Well Done: Spoon & Fork Restaurant

The recently renovated Spoon & Fork restaurant in Toronto (photo: Symbolics Architecture + Design)

For the re-design and build of the Spoon & Fork restaurant in Toronto, architect Peter Vishnovsky’s primary goal was to counteract the fast-paced environment of its location by encouraging people to come in, slow down, and relax. He wanted the restaurant to stand apart from the big-box buildings surrounding it in an inviting way, and wanted that feeling to continue on the inside with an intimate atmosphere.

Secto's Octo 4240 luminaries are handmade from Finnish birch (photo: Symbolics Architecture + Design)

Peter made the lighting plan one of his first priorities so that it wouldn’t have to be compromised by decreasing budget or tight timelines during the build. A project manager at another architecture firm recommended that he talk with LightForm about lighting for the project.

After sharing his initial renderings and project concept for the space, we sent him a package of lighting options. Peter was able to incorporate the images and specification sheets from this package into the second set of renderings that he later presented to his client. The lighting package he was proposing was more than the client had ever spent on lighting, but for the design to work, he really needed their commitment.

Gregg S pendants by Foscarini are featured in the Spoon & Fork's entrance tower

To help his client envision the design concept as a whole, Peter showed them two versions of renderings: one with LightForm’s selection of luminaires and one with some generic fixtures. Presented with such a strong visual, the client was able to appreciate the impact that lighting would have, and agreed to all the fixtures save a few.

What a success! In contrast with the other buildings around it, Spoon & Fork has no glaring nighttime signage. Instead, the subtly lit building acts as a sign itself. People passing by are drawn by a large lantern-like column of Gregg S luminaires (Foscarini), and invited up the entrance by soft outdoor lighting (Ares).

Spoon & Fork at night, lit by Ares outdoor luminaires

That calming atmosphere continues on the inside with a combination of airy Secto fixtures and interior elements, balanced with a dark colour palette for intimacy. Peter’s clients are very happy with the outcome and so was he: it’s not often that a design is so fully realized.

Peter maintains that this project’s success was due to both planning and presentation. He connected with LightForm six months before the opening so that his vision for the lighting did not have to be compromised. He was also able to inspire the client with accurate renderings, therefore ensuring their commitment to the design.

The Spoon & Fork project was also published and showcased in the March edition of INSIDE  interiors + design magazine by (WAN) World Architecture News publication. Congratulations Peter!

See more projects by Peter Vishnovsky of Symbolics Architecture + Design.

Light and airy Secto pendants help create an intimate atmosphere at Spoon & Fork restaurant in Toronto (photo: Symbolics Architecture + Design)

2 responses to “Job Well Done: Spoon & Fork Restaurant

  1. The Gregg’s look amazing

  2. They do! A lot of people have been remarking how great they look at night from the outside.

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