Job Well Done: False Creek Penthouse

Featured: Roll & Hill Excel Floor Lamp by Rich Brilliant Willing
Dining Room Pendant: Bocci Custom Installation

Adam Becker from aBecker Design was recently featured in Western Living Magazine’s CONDO, with a seven page spread and cover story for his exceptional work on a full renovation of a False Creek Penthouse.

 We caught up with Adam and asked him what the inspiration was behind his choice of lighting.

“My vision for the penthouse was to make it a modern and sophisticated space. The entire apartment is cove lit with no direct light shining into anyones eyes. Keeping very clean lines allows the feature lights, such as the Bocci installation, to stand out and make more of an impact, like a piece of art.”

Adam achieved this contemporary look through the use of multiple trimless recessed lights and seamless linear cove lighting from Feelux.

Master Bathroom Vanity Sconces: Studio Italia Mini Mania and Cove Lighting by Feelux

Bedside Sconce: Vibia Swing Biluz with adjustable LED

Becker’s False Creek penthouse is a great reminder that lighting is one of the most integral aspects of design. In this space the lighting creates a sophisticated, social atmosphere that retains a marked masculinity through a seamless aesthetic and luxe details.

Western Living Condo Editorial Credits:

Man About Town
Article by Michael Harris
Photographs by Martin Tessler
Styling by Maureen Willick

Master Bathroom photo by Rostam Aidun
Visit Western Living Magazine for more great features and aBecker Design for more great projects.


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