Salt Condo Interior, Photo courtesy of Concert Realty


Sharon Bortolotto and Jennifer Brown of BBA Design Consultants have recently completed theSalt Presentation Centre, an inviting showroom bringing out the best of the many layouts offered in this Yaletown condominium. They’ve done a fantastic job of designing the presentation centre, using pieces from Flos, Fontana Arte and Vibia to illuminate each room.

More photos of Salt Presentation Centre …

Vibia Big pendant by Lievore, Altherr & Molina, photo by Heather Merenda
Fontana Arte 3247TA table lamp by Archivio Storico, photo by Heather Merenda


Sharon Bortolotto explains their concept for the design and the lighting:

“The design of the interiors takes its cue from the architectural building form of the “Salt” model. We were inspired by the shadow boxes or framing devices used on the exterior of the building. Combined with the hot orange Mai Thai coloration of the marketing materials, the white forms of Salt are contrasted to create a simple yet dramatic space. The strong geometric shapes of the lighting fixtures complement the space providing a fun, animated illumination”


Flos Chasen pendant by Patricia Urquiola, photo by Heather Merenda

Great job BBA!



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  2. where is the presentation centre located?

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