One of the newest additions to the Marset product line up is a result of a pioneering collaboration with Xavier Mañosa, a master ceramicist from Barcelona, and the Mashallah (fashion and product design) Studio based out of Berlin. The Pleat Box is made of ceramic and the inspiration for its silhouette comes from the look of creases in fabric. Hande Akçayli & Murat Koçyigit of Mashallah Studio design and sculpt in a completely digital environment using advanced design software. Working together, the designers conceived of its form digitally and executed its production by the skilled hands of Mañosa, himself. The Pleat Box speaks to the experimental through its digital conception as well as to the endurance of the traditional through the artisanship required in its production.

More pictures and information, as well as an impressive project ….

The Pleat Box comes in 4 different shapes and sizes so you can choose from a 47cm, 36cm, 24cm & 13cm diameter.  The outer part of the lamp is offered in white ceramic, underglazed red clay and grey –the result of recycling different enamels. The brilliant white enamel interior creates a glitter effect, which enhances the light from the lamp. It can also be supplied in 18 carat gold on the inside, which generates an extremely warm light. Click here for a detailed specification sheet.

Gail’s Bread Bakery London, UK

Pleat box is used to bring a contemporary and understated sophistication to a London Bakery

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