JOB WELL DONE: RUF Project’s Saltspring Island Residence

 illuminated nitescape perfection

RUF Project (Rural Urban Fantasy Project) recently completed this swoon-worthy home on Saltspring Island, BC. Inspired by West Coast mid-century modernists – especially Arthur Erickson – the house is a contemporary take on the longhouse that pushes the concept of post and beam to its limits.

LightForm was ecstatic to work with RUF whose client’s design brief of rustic Canadian cabin meets modern villa, allowed them relatively free rein.

Bruck lighting system shown above

In a simple palette of wood, glass, stone, steel and cement, the house is tailored to the site and delineated by two parts – a solid stone base, sunken into the land and referencing the natural rocky outcrops, with a light timber bridge resting upon it. The L-shaped house defines an internal courtyard seeded with a variety of local wildflowers that burst into colour in different seasons.

Interior spaces like the kitchen are aligned to feel as if they extend into the ocean, and when it rains, the glazing rich, two-storey residence seems at one with the elements.

the Tubular Bells light from Flos, shown between beams

A delicate interplay of woods – Alaskan yellow cedar on the exterior, hemlock ceilings and fir and oak flooring and walls – offer texture and ground the home in a sense of place. At the same time, it has a floating, ethereal quality. At night, the south-facing glazing that opens up to the seafront becomes a luminescent, Japanese jewel box.

The relatively small footprint of the house belies its sense of spaciousness, and everywhere the outside comes in, with the built environment bleeding into the natural. On an island of old cabins and new monster homes, it is a modernist gem.

Photos by Ivan Hunter via architecturewanted

Text from Hidani Ditmars via The Globe And Mail

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