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“A slit of light in a monolithic mass: Ara is the contrast between the material and the immaterial that is the basis of every lighting project.”

Ilaria Marelli’s description of the Ara as a “slit of light in a monolithic mass” is a great window into the inspiration employed by Marelli when she set out to create the sleek and commanding Ara. Its body is made of die-cast aluminium, with a rotatable diffuser in Pyrex or polycarbonate in an option of a champagne, anthracite, grey or white.

Loved in both its forms as a wall and a floor lamp, it is recognized immediately as a piece that lends itself to many different aesthetics, making it one of the most versatile and dynamic lights in production today.

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JOB WELL DONE: Fruition Design’s Warehouse Remodel


Living in a warehouse converted into a loft is probably up there in most of our dream living situations. Throw in a complete interior remodel and design by Sharon Halpin of Fruition Design and you have what Western Living Condo has coined, “one man’s personal Shangri-la”. As the cover feature in this month’s issue of Condo, Halpin transformed a 1,400 square foot space into a striking modern residence. She exercised careful consideration and her timeless good taste to provide her client with a beautifully balanced, opulent home.

As someone who understands the integral value of lighting, we wanted to know how she went about constructing the perfect mood for this intriguing space.

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A LOOK INSIDE: Lightform Vancouver Warehouse Sale

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EVENTS: Industry Night Warehouse Sale Preshop

Come join us tonight between 4-7pm for a glass of Makers Mark or Skinny Girl Margherita while being the first to shop the amazing deals at our 2nd Annual Warehouse Sale. We’ve had shipments from our showrooms from all over Canada and our selection is even better than last year.



This Friday and all weekend long, come check out the great deals at our 2nd Annual Warehouse Sale in our Vancouver Showroom


This article was first published in our October Newsletter 

Like most good things, it was available in Europe first, but the Plumen 001 is now available in 120V for North America and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Maybe not all of us will openly admit it, but design enthusiasts everywhere shuddered at the thought of having to replace aesthetically pleasing incandescent bulbs in their many shape variations with their slightly tacky, energy efficient counterpart – the compact fluorescent.

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Paul and Christopher Massie began their careers designing together as Massieoffice in 2003. They were approached by Design Within Reach to sell their massively successful Flying Vee Shelves and quickly made a name for themselves as a progressive design duo to watch. Fast forward to 2009 and the Massie brothers have begun a new and more concentrated endeavour – Christiaan+Planck – a design studio focused exclusively on lighting, guided by an ethos grounded in refinement, simplicity and high quality, domestic production.

Probably best known for the Sentry Pendants, now sold and distributed by Spanish lighting company Metalarte  and with a growing number of custom projects to add to their roster, Christiaan+Planck are proving the fortitude of their craft. Lightform caught up with Paul Massie and to ask him about his thoughts on Canadian design, his sources of inspiration and how it all began.

Tell  us the story about how Christiaan+Planck began.

C+P      We started Christiaan+Planck in late 2009. Prior to that we had been operating the design studio Massieoffice. Under Massieoffice, we worked primarily with clients outside of Canada, collaborating on product design and development. After that we wanted to start something we had more direct control over, something more personal that we could build nationally and one where we could take advantage of the manufacturing opportunities in Canada.

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