BEST OF: Task Lamps

“There’s nothing more quintessential to the modern home than a task lamp. A good task lamp embodies all the best aspects of great design—functionality, simplicity, durability, and timelessness.”

A few months ago we wrote that in our newsletter. It was the intro to our feature on the Leo MK2 by Nemo designed by Jehs & Laub (featured above). From our homes, to our offices, to our dens and to our studios, we all need a task lamp somewhere, and because of their necessity and their ubiquity, its all the more important to choose one that sets itself apart.

There are many task lamps out there, and they take a lot of different forms. Here are some of our favourites below….

Marset Scantling Table Lamp designed by Mathias Hahn
Metalarte Oslo Table Lamp designed by Lagranga
Nemo Chain Table Lamp designed by Illaria Marelli
Marset Atila Table Lamp designed by Joan Gaspar
Rich Brillant Willing Channel Table Lamp designed by Rich Brilliant Willing
Nemo Hydra Tavolo by Carlo Forcolini 
Vibia I.Cono 0705 designed by Lievore, Altherr, Molina
Nemo Dove Table Lamp by Marco Colombo
Flos Kelvin LED table lamp designed by Antonio Citterio
Fontana Arte Three Sixty table lamp designed by Norman Foster

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