NEWS: Flos Opens First Canadian Showroom at LightForm


We’re only one day away from the Flos Toronto Showroom Opening and we couldn’t be more excited.  LightForm has been working hard to open Flos’ first Canadian Flagship showroom, in which we will house one of the most important and substantial collections in the world of lighting. Flos’ legacy is that of half a century of innovation and they haven’t stopped. Flos Toronto, like its sister stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco, creatively integrates the Flos’ decorative, architectural and ‘soft architecture’ lines. Designed by Fabio Calvi, art  director for all of Flos’ exhibitions, events and showrooms, the Toronto showroom at LightForm is a beautiful and defining space that is true to the Flos brand.

Our installation of Ron Gilad’s Wallpiercings (figured above), have already become an almost instant Flos classic, representing and embodying all that is the Flos design ethos: innovation in its most elegant form. Like most of what Flos produces, Ron Gilad’s Wallpiercings stands apart from anything else available in lighting today, representing both a technological and artistic avant-garde.

We’ve had such an amazing response and so much excitement from everyone in the design community and we look forward to seeing you all at IDS this week and to all of you who RSVP’d to our event, we’ll see you tomorrow night!


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