NEWS: Castor Debuts DEADSTOCK Collection

Castor’s Deadstock Record given out to guests, photo courtesy of Mocoloc0


Designing lights, throwing parties AND running a successful restaurant and bar – what don’t these guys do with style?

Brian Richer and Kei Ng, founders and designers of Castor Design Studio based in Toronto launched their newest collection of lighting entitled Deadstock during the weekend of IDS at their restaurant Parts & Labour. They showcased their newest pieces alongside some of Toronto’s talented local bands for a good night of drinking and moshing in the basement of Parts & Labour.


Photo by Ivy Lovell (Check out her amazing shots of the bands and the party here.)


Expanding their exploration of reclaimed industrial parts, each piece in Deadstock uses “discarded forgotten materials to form considered, elegant products with a purpose”. Behold, photos of Castor’s new


Castor Axis Floor Lamp from the DEADSTOCK collection


“The Axis Floor lamp challenges every angle – machined from a solid piece of aluminum with fully adjustable legs”


Castor Cannon Ball Pendant from the DEADSTOCK collection


“The Cannon Ball Pendant light incorporates old lighting shades stamped into metal balls, glass lenses and finished in black or white textured coating”


Castor Catherine Table Lamp from the DEADSTOCK collection


“The sturdy Catherine table lamp has a brass body with stunning marble base, incorporating a cold cathode fluorescent light-source”


Castor Turned Floor Lamp from the DEADSTOCK collection


“Mixing of materials is apparent in The Turned Floor Lamp with an oak body, metal base and fully adjustable Deadstock shades”


Castor Jib Wall Lamp from the DEADSTOCK collection


“The bold Deadstock Jib Wall lamp carries through the ball shape with an adjustable head and new dimmer technology in a flat fluorescent bulb panel”



One response to “NEWS: Castor Debuts DEADSTOCK Collection

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