JOB WELL DONE: Black + Blue Restaurant designed by Box Interior Design

Metalarte Josephine Table Lamp at the Reception, photo by Heather Merenda


Box Interior Design recently designed the newest edition to the Glowbal Group Restaurant  family, Black + Blue. The specialty steak restaurant opened in October 2011 in a two storey space on Alberni St. with a dark and opulent interior.

Nemo Chocolite Table Lamps line the Central Bar, photo by Heather Merenda

The black and gold Metalarte Josephine wall sconces and table lamps are a great fit for this modern day steak house but our favourite fixture placement in the space is the use of the Nemo Chocolites around the large central bar.

Bars can feel a little like uncomfortable public seating at some restaurants, but the small Chocolites at Black + Blue create a sense of intimacy for all those sitting around it. 

More photos below….

Photo by Heather Merenda
Metalarte Josephine Wall Sconces, photo by Heather Merenda
Photo by Heather Merenda

All photos by Heather Merenda Photography.


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