NEWS: Vibia Launches CREA at HD Expo

With the launch of CREA comes 14 new collections with 5 new modular design families. All of them easily designed through Vibia’s interactive website featuring full CRM and project management tools available through CREA.


When we visited Vibia at Euroluce last year, we wrote that they stole the show with the introduction of their newest modular systems that are as much art installations as they are lighting systems. Vibia’s R&D visionaires have created CREA (Create Your Project), a digital design tool featured on the Vibia website to go hand in hand with all their latest designs, but configured to work for any Vibia product.

Things you should know about CREA

  1. CREA allows designers to create their own virtual space where they can quickly and easily realize their designs for any given room.
  2. It’s an inspiration tool that allows designers to drag and drop people, furniture and lighting into their virtual space to help visualize scale and proportion for their project.
  3. CREA allows designers to measure the light value and light effect of each Vibia fixture they choose for their design.
  4. It allows designers to go from a digital concept to a concrete and constructed environment, creating a bill of materials to realize their specific design in full.
  5. CREA exports this data digitally as CAD, IES and BIM files for designers and includes printed instructions on installation and materials needed for contractors.

Vibia anticipates this creative and intuitive tool to change the way we interact with design and with CREA, will successfully apply the ease and autonomy afforded by technology to the process of lighting design.

CREA for North America is being previewed at the HD Expo in Las Vegas this year and will be available for use later on in 2012.

Vibia Puck and Vibia Link Modular Systems

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