JOB WELL DONE: Interview with Insight Design Group

This interview is published in our April Newsletter

British Pacific Homes, Aerie presentation suite, featuring the Palluco Fortuny Floor Lamp


While our Job Well Done coverage has normally focused on one project, Insight Design Group’s prolificacy warrants a discussion on their award winning scope of work over the last few years. Working with their clients to achieve beautiful, livable spaces, the team at Insight has a portfolio that speaks to their commitment to creativity, mixing modern and traditional motifs, and designing spaces that are striking as well as unique.

Cressey Developments, Meccanica Presentation Suite featuring George Nelson Criss Cross Saucer Lamp


Never falling into habits that render interiors formulaic or predictable, Insight Design Group keeps it fresh every time around. We’re always thrilled with their choice of lighting and we had a chance to talk to them about their design process, and where lighting fits into it all.

LIGHTFORM: Can you tell me a little bit about the story of 
Insight Design?

Insight Design Group is an Interior Design Firm that focuses on Residential, Commercial and Hospitality projects.  The firm has been involved with some of the most successful developments and projects in Vancouver and throughout Canada for over 15 years.

British Pacific Homes – Aerie Presentation Suite featuring the Moooi Random Pendant


 LIGHTFORM: Your projects focus mostly on designing spaces 
for living, and we want to know what the most important 
considerations are when lighting living spaces.

Lighting must have a purpose, so when implementing any design, we imagine how the end users will be living, entertaining, working etc. and create the corresponding mood accordingly.  Often, a significant amount of time can be spent to ensure that the fixtures chosen are perfect. They must mesh with the concept and persona of the space and typically create that little bit of eye candy we inject into each space.

Intracorp Developments, Metroplace Show Suite featuring the Diesel by Foscarini Cage Pendant

 LIGHTFORM: Where do you look for new inspiration?

For each project here at Insight, we develop a concept to initiate our design process.  We flip through magazines, design blogs and various furniture and lighting websites to get our juices flowing.  We possess a passion for design and are often simply inspired by our surroundings, travels and most importantly, each other.

LIGHTFORM: How would you descried your design ethos?

We believe in building relationships with our clients, creating thoughtful designs with high standards, and having a passion for what we do. We believe in the synergy of teamwork and by bringing together the right combination of experienced, energetic and creative individuals, we can accomplish something much greater than one of us could do alone.

Cressey Development – Meccanica Show Suite featuring the Marset Scantling Floor Lamp


 LIGHTFORM: What are your primary concerns when choosing
 a fixture for a space?

When choosing lighting in a space there are many factors we take into consideration when we are designing.  Scale plays a huge part in helping direct our process. Finding the perfect light fixture is often what ties a space together and completes the design. Its size and volume accentuates the space, creating another element and three-dimensional design. Originality is key for us here at Insight; each project must be different and special in its own way from the one before it. We strive to ensure that the lighting works with the given theme of the space and at the same time still meets the client’s budget.

Concord Pacific – Monet Show Suite featuring the Vistosi Giogali
LIGHTFORM: Describe how environmental responsibility fits 
into your process.

Specifying E-conscious fixtures for the general lighting within a space is an integral step in Insight’s lighting design process. We approach this by using primarily LED and Fluorescent fixtures while focusing on maintaining a consistent Colour Temperature and an appropriate CRI Index. The decorative lighting creates ambiance and enhances the overall feeling within a space. In addition to using energy efficient resources, we also prefer to use dimming switches and other new technology, which contributes to conserving energy.

More Insight Project Photos

Concord Pacific – Monet Show Suite featuring Metalarte Josephine Pendants
Cressey Development – Meccanica Showsuite featuring Moooi Double Round Light
British Pacific Homes – Aerie Showwuite featuring the Bover Mei Oval Pendant

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