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NEWS: Foscarini BeHive Lamp Wins Red Dot Award

Werner Aisslinger with his Behive for Foscarini


Werner Aisslinger‘s collaboration with Foscarini has won him yet another Red Dot Award – an award he’s one several times over the last 1o years.

Foscarini’s BeHive wins for its sculptural quality and innovation. As described on Aisslinger’s site:

 “The appealing volume of Behive is the result of the overlapping of a sequence of rings in successively larger sizes. Deceptively simple and regular in appearance, the rings of Behive are the result of a highly complex collaborative engineering process and materials research for which Foscarini is so well known.”

Through some creative designing, the light source cannot be seen through the slits of the BeHive from any given angle and its warm, generous luminosity and familiar shape make it a flexible piece, fitting for a number of surroundings.

Watch Foscarini’s video with Aisslinger in his studio, below, discussing his inspiration and process for the BeHive. He explains that its simplicity is rather deceptive as a lot of creative engineering had to go into producing its seamlessness.

Congratulations to both Foscarini and Aisslinger!

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VIDEO: Foscarini Solar Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud

THE MAKING: Marset Discocó

An Interview with designer Christophe Mathieu and the methodology behind the magic of the Discocó.


All photos courtesy of Marset

Inside Video: Interview with Roll & Hill


Check out this short video interview hosted by designer Jason Miller, founder of contemporary American lighting design firm, Roll & Hill. We love this kind of informal round-table discussion because it feels truly genuine, like a conversation we might have if we were sitting next to them in a coffee shop.

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New Release: Foscarini Binic, Tua


The new Binic by Foscarini

After weeks of anticipation, Foscarini’s Binic and Tua have arrived! Despite their small size, these desk lamps have already made a big impression on clients, passers-by, and us!

The new Tua desk lamp by Foscarini

Inside video: Denis Santachiara on Tabara for Pallucco

In this short video Italian industrial designer Denis Santachiara explains the inspiration, process, and humour behind his illuminated Tabara coathooks for Pallucco.


Inside Video: Designing the Guardian of Light


We loved this video of Susanne Phillipson, who designed the Guardian of Light lamp for Pallucco. Let us know what you think!