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Vancouver-based Creative Design Works, recently completed the design of this cool, calm and collected New Westminster residence. We went to check out the finished product.

Ares Outdoor Luminaires
Pallucco Italia’s  Gilda Extendible Floor Lamp
Fabbian Bijou pendants illuminate the Kitchen Island
The Moooi Dandelion pendant hanging in the Dining Area

“True to it’s name, the Dandelion was initially inspired by the plant. The lamp transmits an explosive feeling of energy in motion, energy to lighten up and blow away the heaviness of everyday life. Dandelion is truly a breath of fresh air

A Moooi Random Pendant  glowing in the second Bedroom

“A feeling of simplicity, softness, lightness and a touch of magic in  Contemporary style”

Photos courtesy of Heather Merenda

See more of the project via Randy Bens Architect

Inside video: Denis Santachiara on Tabara for Pallucco

In this short video Italian industrial designer Denis Santachiara explains the inspiration, process, and humour behind his illuminated Tabara coathooks for Pallucco.


Inside Video: Designing the Guardian of Light


We loved this video of Susanne Phillipson, who designed the Guardian of Light lamp for Pallucco. Let us know what you think!