Design Icon : Fontana Arte

Fontana Arte is a renowned Italian design company which was founded in 1932 by architect Gio Ponti (1891-1979). He is one of the most prominent and prolific designers of the last century. An architect, poet, a painter, an industrial designer, and founding editor of the quintessential Domus magazine.

Fontana Arte is a company which has always retained a strong link with the world of design. Constantly evolving and collaborating with some of the best Italian and international architects and lighting designers, it is no wonder that Fontana Arte is a mark of quality and design.

villa arreaza, caracas, venezuela – furniture and interior design by gio ponti, 1956
Vintage articulated floor lamp for Fontana Arte – Gio Ponti
Livia Chair – Lacquered Beechwood  – for L’Abbate by Gio Ponti 1937

Fontana Arte’s works were first distinguished by the realization of artistic stained-glass windows. Many of which today are still functional, ornamental elements in palaces, churches and cathedrals. Amongst them the Duomo of Milan and the Cathedral of Brasilia.

By using glass, architect Ponti realized what an enormous potential this material could offer industrial design. Urged by this intuition, he started to design and produce furniture,  lamps and objects with glass as the main distinguishing feature. Many still in production with Fontana Arte today.

Bilia Table Lamp by Gio Ponti – 1931
Tavolino Side table by Gio Ponti – 1932
Throughout the years Fontana Arte has established and achieved classic design through engineering and concepts with many well-respected designers such as; Piero CastiglioniPietro Chiesta, Max Ingrand, Roberto Menghi and Sergio  Asti.
 Luminator Floor Lamp by Pietro Chiesta – 1933
Satin white blown glass Fontana table lamp by Max Ingrand – 1954
mirrored chrome & blown glass Globo di Luce pendant by Roberto Menghi – 1968
polished white blown glass Daruma lamp by Sergio Asti – 1968 – Product exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York
Today, Fontana Arte continues its long history of collaborating with modern days most influential architects and designers to create contemporary functional products that remain timeless and of true Italian quality. It is this ideal unity that Fontana Arte has always sought after in its long history.
Be sure to check out some of the new collection from Fontana Arte, shown at Euroluce this year.

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